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A world of strength, experience, quality and efficiency at the tip of your fingers. 

Turn your projects into reality.


A 3D virtual image creator that offers infinite photorealistic possibilities to production studios, advertising agencies and designers. Located near Montreal, close to the major centres in South Shore, this visual effects Boutique draws inspiration from your imagination to create and build.

7 secrets about Rayon FX


*Winner of the VES Award 

*Leader in its field with over 20 years of experience under its belt

*Assets supervisor on high profile projects (Jurassic World)

*Prestigious clients: Redbull, CAE, Discovery Channel, Ubisoft, National Geographic

*2 hours of computer-generated images per year

*Ready to support you in your financing structure

*Complementary team that loves challenges


Rayon FX

Every project unveils another universe.

All stories truly deserve to be told.

A single video can create an impact.


Get ready to achieve your next project with us.

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