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Every project unveils another universe.

All stories truly deserve to be told.

A single video can create an impact.



Located in the Old Longueuil on the South Shore of Montreal, a few steps away from the Metro station, Rayon FX is a top of the art 3D virtual image creator that offers infinite photorealistic possibilities to production studios, advertising agencies and designers.

Rayon FX is a world of strength, experience, quality and efficiency at the tip of your fingers. Expanding beyond 3D imagery,


We also specialize in producing high-quality content across various formats including documentaries, series, movies, and IMAX productions. Our expertise extends to creating compelling visual branding and publicity materials that stand out in today's competitive market.

7 secrets about Rayon FX:


  • Artist owner winner of a VES Award 

  • Leader in its field with over 20 years of experience under its belt

  • Prestigious clients: Redbull, Discovery Channel, Ubisoft, National Geographic

  • 2 hours of computer-generated images per year

  • Ready to support you in your financing structure

  • We are a Full effect team that loves challenges

  • High quality studio with the agility of a small studio


Get ready to achieve your next project Rayon FX.


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