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By Steve Jubinville

Imagine a fictional or a real character created from a photo, a sketch, an idea, an existing profile or an intention.

Imagine you could bring it to life on a screen.


Thanks to our talented special effects supervisor partner, Steve Jubinville, as well as his team, creating characters in 3D computer generated images has never been so impressive.

Discover possibilities of high calibre with Rayon FX


Call us to find out more about our ability to create.



Better than reality


What if it was possible to get vehicles rolling based entirely on drawings and models designed by 3D artists?


Switch into industrial mode with our mechanic vehicle creators.


For a realistic, futuristic, or antique look, nothing can beat Rayon FX’s attention to detail.


Give us a call to find out more about our ability to create.



Volumetric shape, cloud, and visual effect (fire, smoke, fluide)


We are surrounded by shapes, textures and matter. 

Thanks to the most up-to-date technology, we have fun designing our creations with the force of nature all while defying the laws of physics.


Fire, clouds, smoke; there’s nothing Rayon FX can’t do.


Give us a call and plan your project.

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